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Reducing Error

To reduce error in the experimental tests, all values of l will be performed three times. This will improve accuracy and highlight any errors in method, if there are any. The three values will give some idea on the error bounds. Even if there is a draft in the room, despite the room having shut windows and the door will be closed. It would have a very small effect on a small heavy object like a ratchet socket. Use of sellotape to secure paper and measuring apparatus on the floor will verify consistent data on the experimental tests. The whole structure will be supported by a rigid structure (clamp stand) to avoid differing values of q and l. Three people will perform the tests. One person to place the ratchet socket at l, someone else to observe the ratchet socket as it hits the paper on the floor, plus a third person to record results. If people we to swap roles, it is possible that they would interpret what they do or see differently from another person. Therefore the same person should carry out their own task throughout the investigation. The slide and the ruler(s) on the floor must be parallel with each other, otherwise d will not be the true distance travelled horizontally. Lengths of l will be marked on the side of the slide every 10cm with a marker pen. This will clearly show the exact positioning of the ratchet before being slid down the slide and avoid variation as the tests progress.

Angles will be measured using sine and length of slide to the clamp stand and the height of the clamp stand to the slide.

arcsine = q

All measurements must be taken carefully otherwise error could be multiplied when q is calculated.


Performing Experimental Tests

Three people take part in the tests to increase efficiency and reduce errors as discussed previously. Data is noted down for each d and then recorded on a spreadsheet to calculate the averages. Values of q recorded were 24, 30 and 35. This should give a reasonable spread from which to compare at a later stage. The experimental tests are performed as discussed previously.

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