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Here are the results from the experimental tests, averages of mean and median are also shown. Values are listed against l and each value of q is contained in a separate table as the is a fixed value. Metres are the units for l as this unit of measurement will be used for the theoretical modelling, as experimental results were taken in centimetres these are used for values of d.

Median would be a more apt average to use in these circumstances. Median takes a real value, most representative of the three trials and is not effected by outliers. Mean is effected by outliers as there are few values and each significantly effects this measure of average.


From the tabulated results the following scatter graphs are plotted. The error bounds are shown for each value of l, this shows how consistent the results are. A line of best fit shows how l and d relate to each other. The y-axis d starts at 20 centimetres, this maximises the area the spread of data, for easy analysis and comparison. The s represent the experimental values of d. The difference between the largest and smallest values are the error bounds for each value of l. Values of d are in centimetres and values of l are in metres.

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