Purple Splat

This is a great high-tech TV series on BBC1. There have been loads of tiny electronic devices which are often used for the good of only a few people who want to have power over others. The first programme was the mysterious death of "Ros" and the fight against biological warfare by a environmental group. Ros had faked her own death so she could seperate from her team and help the environmental group, but she was found out by her boy-friend. He had found her death hard to believe and he knew that Ros was not actually dead. The fanatics attempted to show the deadly effect of the virus, formed from biological research, on a scientist who killed on of the fanatic's family, for the cause of science. He endangers the life of hundreds of people as the virus would indisciminately target its victims. The team have discovered some Columbian emerald traffickers attempting to steal a horde of emeralds from a safe.

Purple Splat

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