Musical Temperament

The most recent project is: The Relationship between Mathematics and Musical Temperament covering the origins of musical intonation and its basis in Mathematics.

Website precedence network

For all website designers at the dawn of the web: there is a mathematical application to perfectly efficient website building. It applies scheduling using critical paths and cascade activity diagrams.

Down the slide

This project models a projectile after it travels down a slide at varying inclines to land at a different spot on the ground.

Initial setup of Down the Slide experiment

Newspaper readability

For my first A-level Statistics module, I investigated and compared newspaper readability between tabloid and broadsheet newspapers.

Word 95 Grammar Readability Statistics Dialogue Box

Sentence and word length

In the subsequent statistics module I compared bivariate data sets of average sentence and word length in The Independent newspaper articles.

Sentence Length Normal Distribution

Optimal cycle tour network

The Travelling Salesman algorithm was employed to find the shortest route for a cycling holiday in Brittany, France.

Minimum connector, different routes

Sine and cosine graphs

There is also a small sample of my GCSE coursework looking at sine and cosine graphs, but this is really rudimentary compared to the Advanced Differential Equations module at A-level.

Sine and cosine change in frequency

The state of play

In the third version of Nahoo, I’ve converted most of the raster images of illustrations and charts into more modern-looking vector graphics. As this was quite a while ago, I won’t be posting and more Mathematics projects unless I find one on an old hard drive.