I’ve decided to archive some of the previous pages and sections as these are no longer updated or that relevant to anyone.

Photo Gallery

This is currently archived until I find a suitable and current photo gallery service that can hold the images within albums with captioning and other functionality that was offered by Gallery.


Just a list of interests in the old-style of just publish something to a personal website similar to tagging a lamp post.


A list of some interesting websites about from 1998 until around 2001 before Google because a big thing to search for what you actually want to see.


The bulletin board was always a battle between a few genuine posts and the onslaught of spambots. So if you want to contribute to a community, find a suitable forum covering the subject in detail with lots of genuine users and post your opinion here. If you want to contact me about something directly, please write me a virtual letter.

Previous Versions of Nahoo

There are two versions of Nahoo before this incarnation:

Nahoo Version 1

The first version that started in late 1997 and ran until early 2004, intially hosted with Compuserve, then Pipex Dial. An archived version was restored to a subdomain at a later date.

Nahoo Version 2

This version has been around for quite some time, starting quietly in summer 2002 going through until 10th April 2021 when it was archived to make way for the current version.