Simcity 2000

The single most popular game at secondary school, Humphry Davy was overcome by this IT nightmare… brilliant. The on-going mission aim of the SimCity series is to build a successful city with your own personal stamp on it. In the photo example below, I have loads of Archaeologies. This is Water World, with a stock-pile of $2 billion, earning over $300K a year profit. Unfortunately, the game cannot handle so much money, so it crashes!

SimCity 2000: Water World



Cheat code Effect
BUDDAMUS, ARDO or IMACHEAT $500,000 Funds and gives all technologies
FUND $10,000 Funds
CASS $250,000 Funds of a firestorm
NOAH Flood, MOSES stops flood
GILMARTIN Military base
GOMORRAH Nuclear meltdown
JOKE Tells a joke
DAMN Churches take over your residentail areas
DARN Church disease
PORN Message: I can’t get enough!
VERS Shows the version
MEMY Shows your free memory
Click on helicopter with centre tool Causes helicopter to crash

Increase demand

  • When industrial, commercial, or residential drops to zero or into the negative, save your city;
  • Then reopen the city from File;
  • After one month passes, your demand for all three will increase.
  • Do it again and the demand increases further.

Stop water shortages

  • Pick an area on the outskirts of your city and de-zone a 3×3 grid;
  • Place a single water pump in the centre of this grid;
  • Connect the water pump to power, don’t connect to pipes.

Put out fires

  • Clear a 3×3 square on when you get a fire then build a fire station on it to put out the fire.