Mobile Games

These are basically the games I am playing – mobile versions of tabletop games to allow for distance playing with friends.

Catan Classic

I love Catan, but I do not love this app – it is buggy, looks terrible, the rolls are frequently biased, the logic is sometimes baffling, there are obvious gaps in basic functionality (such as preselecting a 3 or 4 player game)… but it’s the only app version of Catan that supports multiplayer with selected opponents. At the end of the day, if you can take the odd biased game and crash/restore, it’s worth a go.

After dropping me a quick message, please add my username: Nahoo to your friends list.

Catan Universe

This interpretation of Catan looks a lot better, but it is missing some critical options for using multiplayer with friends.

To have a standard game of Catan please message me first and add my username at Catan Universe: Nahoo.


Splendor is a sublime tabletop game and this app is a fairly decent replication of it with a spot-on design, decent interface and functionality. Just one thing: a [mutually agreed] pause would be a helpful addition.

Please drop me a message if you’d like to play a multiplayer game with the app. My username there is: NahooX.

Ticket to Ride

I am still a little green with this game. So if you want an easy ride, please connect with me there by adding my username: NahooTTR. Just message me first so I can accept the request.

Space Team

A manically exhausting in-person collaborative game. Give it a go if you want to spice up your day!