Dune II

Loosely based on the novels by Frank Herbert, Dune II is the very first real-time strategy game in existence. The game brings together three powerful forces for good, greed and evil, the armies of the HarkonnenOrdos and Atreides, fighting for the supremacy. The conquest of the desert planet Arrakis, known as “Dune”, will give one of the three houses control of the invaluable Spice melange – an essential element that makes interstellar travel possible. It is up to you to complete each of the thirteen missions to ensure the seat in the imperial palace as emperor of Arrakis.

This section contains links to full Dune II download. It is a download that some people have been searching very hard for, for a long time. Dune 2 is becoming increasingly difficult to find on the internet so I have made it easy for you; including lots of utilities like Dunedit, to edit maps and units. Arrakis, the future of Dune II, can be download from here, with all the extras. Please have a look at the stuff available and please send your comments or contact me if you want to have your own army’s page added here.

Dune II: Light Infantry, Sand Worm And Carryall

Please watch the full Dune II introduction sequence recorded using DOSBox by Nahoo.

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