Dune II Cheats

The hack only works for the PC version require a little bit of file editing in Notepad.

Changing the unit limit

Dune II: Scenario.pak editing

Increase buildings limit from 25 to 99 in the PC version. In the game directory, edit SCENARIO.PAK and change MaxUnit to 99.

Sega Genesis cheat codes

Sega Genesis are listed below, you can start any mission with some of these special Dune II cheat codes.

Cheat codeResult
DIPLOMATICAtreides, level 2
SPICEDANCEAtreides, level 3
ETERNALSUNAtreides, level 4
DEFTHUNTERAtreides, level 5
FAIRMENTATAtreides, level 6
ASHLIKENNYAtreides, level 7
SONICBLASTAtreides, level 8
DUNERUNNERAtreides, level 9
DOMINATIONOrdos, level 2
SPICESABREOrdos, level 3
ARRAKISSUNOrdos, level 4
COLDHUNTEROrdos, level 5
WILYMENTATOrdos, level 6
SLYMELANIEOrdos, level 7
STEALTHWAROrdos, level 8
POWERCRUSHOrdos, level 9
DEMOLITIONHarkonnen, level 2
SPICESATYRHarkonnen, level 3
BURNINGSUNHarkonnen, level 4
DARKHUNTERHarkonnen, level 5
EVILMENTATHarkonnen, level 6
ITSJOEBWANHarkonnen, level 7
DEVASTATORHarkonnen, level 8
DEATHRULERHarkonnen, level 9
LOOKAROUNDFog of war toggle
PLAYTESTERInvincle units toggle
SPLURGEOLA25,000 credits

Tips & Tricks

Have a look at the Tips & Tricks for Dune II for some related advice. You can submit your own cheats for Dune II , just remember clarify the cheat codes and cheat effects carefully.