Dune II Ordos

Ordos just want money, and lots of it. They come from an ice world; therefore all their goods have to be traded.

The Deviator

The Deviator is the best weapon you can use for indirect offensive purposes, and the best time is close to the opposing forces’ buildings. Aim the Deviator at the strongest vehicle you can find, and get it to attack it’s own structures. The defences of the enemy won’t recognize that it is an enemy, and let it destroy the structure. Once it has destroyed a structure, it’s allegiance will revert, but it can easily be re-Deviated! The problem comes if you use it to attack vehicles, as they will return fire, and the vehicle will revert to it’s original allegiance. They are also very effective against defending Devastators – deviate them and destruct them! If you have deviated unit selected when it reverts, you will be able to give it one last order (with it’s allegiance set to the enemy). This allows it to attack it’s own buildings without being attacked. Beware of the fact that Deviators have a significantly shorter range than Missile Launchers.

Raider Trike

Dune II: Ordos Raider Streak
Ordos Raider streak in the final mission

The most important thing is to keep them Raider Trikes moving. Due to their speed, they can outrun anything, and a missile launcher is pretty useless against them if you get up close. They should be used to map out the enemy base, as their speed should keep them out of most trouble. As an offensive weapon they aren’t much good unless you are continually moving them.


Dune II: Saboteur
The Saboteur

Saboteurs are not worth training as they are highly unlikely to break through any solid defence. In general, save your money, don’t build a palace, and buy other units instead. If you do want to use them, it is best to send them both (you get two at a time) against the same target, generally a turret. The first one will hopefully destroy the turret and the second one should destroy the building behind it. Even better, try to get them to destroy the opposing palaces. Be sure that you always leave a direct path from the palace to the target – they will destruct on the first building they come to, yours or the enemy’s.


Dune II: Starport
The Starport

More than any other house, it is of paramount importance for the Ordos to build a Starport and to buy Missile Launchers. Early in the game, when the other houses have Siege tanks and you don’t, you must split up attacking Siege tanks, and attack them with 3-4 combat tanks each. More than any other house, it is of paramount importance for the Ordos to build a Starport and to buy Missile Launchers.

Mission summaries

Level Objectives Building and units available
Level 1 Obtain $1,000, Harkonnen units Light Infantry and Trikes
Level 2 Obtain $2,700, Harkonnen base Barracks and Light Factory with Quads
Level 3 Destroy Atreides Barracks and Light Factory with Quads
Level 4 Destroy Atreides Heavy Vehicle Factory and WOR with Combat Tanks and Troopers
Level 5 Destroy two Harkonnen bases Gun Turrets and Rocket Tanks
Level 6 Destroy two Atreides bases Rocket Turrets, Starport, High Tech Factory and Siege Tanks
Level 7 Destroy two Harkonnen bases House of IX with Deviators
Level 8 Destroy Atreides and Harkonnen Palace with Saboteurs
Level 9 Destroy all enemy Houses All technologies available