Dune II Downloads

This section contains links to full Dune II download. It is a download that some people have been searching very hard for, for a long time. Dune 2 is becoming increasingly difficult to find on the internet so everything is here, in one place. The full version of the Dune 2 download now includes a text document to help answer some end-of-level questions, and to show the worth of your buildings and vehicles. Among other things, there is also a mission editor for Dune II for you to alter the scenarios to your own specification.

Name Description Size Downloads
Game Arrakis 1.13 Following in the steps of Dune II by Stefan Hendricks Arrakis 1.13 - Screenshot Arrakis 1.13 - Information 1.2MB 7,172
Game Dune DOSBox The first simulation game prior to real-time strategy games Dune - Screenshot 1.7MB 21,789
Game Dune II DOSBox Full original version of the classic strategy game with extras and working sound Dune II - Screenshot Dune II - Information 4.1MB 246,217
Sweep Dune II Atreides New campaign for the Atreides in a multi-army Dune II 56KB 10,685
Game Dune II Demo DOSBox A non-playable demonstration of the game-play containing the full introduction with audio 1.9MB 9
Sweep Dune II Depaker Unpacks the PAK files to edit scenarios individually 4KB 7,841
Help Dune II Editing Help Definitive help guide for editing missions with Dune Editor 380KB 5,134
Sweep Dune II Editor Mission editor and constructor for all armies by Stefan Hendricks 76KB 10,033
Word Document Dune II Hack Some editing suggestions for scenario.pak 63KB 592
Mission Dune II Harkonnen Selection of Harkonnen missions for Dune II 4KB 6,722
Icon Dune II Icons Huge icon library covering all areas of this classic game 80KB 1,228
Image/Photo/Picture Dune II Introduction JPG images from the introduction of Dune II 324KB 4,817
Sweep Dune II Languages Support for French and German game play 548KB 5,275
Sweep Dune II Mission Patch Patch for Fremen, Mercenary and Sardaukar missions 4KB 8,400
Mission Dune II Missions Complete set of original missions extracted from PAK file 88KB 5,857
Sweep Dune II Mouse Helper Improve the mouse control in Dune II when loaded before DOSBox in Windows Dune II Mouse Helper - Information 608KB 7
Mission Dune II Ordos Selection of Ordos missions for Dune II 28KB 5,250
Sweep Dune II Patch Awesome hack that removes copy protect 20KB 11,922
Sweep Dune II Sound Sort out your sound card problems with this sound patch 48KB 11,671
Word Document Dune II Unit & Building Statistics Statistics on all Dune II units and structures 141KB 926
Sweep Dune II Unit Editor Excellent unit and building editor 48KB 10,848
Game Dune Legacy A fan-led project to present a faithful Dune II in a modern view with improved game play. Requires Dune II. Dune Legacy - Screenshot Dune Legacy - Information 5.5MB 32
Game Super Dune II Extend the game play beyond its programming 164KB 6,701
Game Ultra Dune II Unfinished project by Stefan Hendricks, with open source code Ultra Dune II - Information 596KB 3,854

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