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Name Description Size Downloads
Program Anfy 1.4 Quick java applet creations for your websites 3.2MB 421
Program Anfy 3D Create 3D java applets to use within presentations or websites 4.4MB 328
Program CuteFTP 4 The best FTP client around 1.3MB 259
Program CuteFTP 4.22 The best FTP client around 1.7MB 422
Program CuteFTP Pro 2 Some added features to the industry standard in FTP 2.7MB 132
Program CuteHTML 2 Basic HTML text editor with auto-complete on tags 0.9MB 101
Program Digiguide Amazingly informative program for viewing all UK television listings 1.1MB 202
Program DOSBox MSDOS Emulator to play older games with sound without problems DOSBox - Information 1.4MB 2,131
Program Dreamweaver Ultradev 4 Trial Simply the best HTML editor around today 30.3MB 281
Program Flash 5 Trial Essential new medium for all innovative websites, basically replaces the need for HTML 19.0MB 453
Program Freehand 10 Trial Superb DTP package from Macromedia 20.3MB 74
Program Freehand 9 Trial Certainly one of the best high-end DTP packages available in 2000 13.2MB 0
Program Go!Zilla Very useful download assistant with servers statistics and resume functions 2.9MB 264
Program ICQ 2000b Essential internet communication tool 5.2MB 145
Program ICQ 2001b Easy SMS and Email integration with this version of ICQ 4.2MB 67
Program IrfanView Free icon editing suite 708KB 226
Program JOC Email Checker Cleverly removes unwanted Spam from your Inbox 548KB 114
Program Mediator Full video editing and multimedia program 5.0MB 612
Program Microangelo 98 Fantastic icon and cursor editing suite 1.4MB 1,034
Program MIRC 5.71t Widely used IRC chat client 1.1MB 166
Program Nero 6.6 Demo Great, all-purpose CD and DVD creation suite 33.4MB 82
Program Noteworthy Composer Midi file editor, great for first-time score based compositions 764KB 334
Program Paint Shop Pro 5.1 Efficient means to producing cool web graphics or layered image for print 3.6MB 933
Program Paint Shop Pro 6 Complete setup for the original version 6 of this cool graphics program 21.7MB 841
Program Paint Shop Pro 6.02 Easy to use graphics program, excellent for internet use 14.6MB 757
Program Paint Shop Pro 7 Effective graphics editor for photo and web design editing 32.8MB 1,328
Program Paint Shop Pro 8 Full Version Full version of the graphics software from JASC 85.1MB 4
Program Philex Submitter Very, very cool shareware for mass website submissions 336KB 107
Program PowerDVD 6 Currently one of the best DVD players available for PC 17.7MB 378
Program Real G2 Streaming music and video from the internet and on your computer 3.1MB 196
Program ScummVM Windows edition of the convenient emulator for point and click games ScummVM - Information 77.0MB 2
Program Spamihilator My favourite spam email filter with many useful add-ons Spamihilator - Screenshot Spamihilator - Information 1.4MB 2
Program Swish 1.51 Trial Produce amazing Flash text effects in a matter of minutes 1.7MB 224
Program WinZip 9 Simplest method of file compression in Windows 2.3MB 753
Program Yonc Efficient dial-up tool that monitors many aspects of your connection 660KB 192

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