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Name Description Size Downloads
Screen 3D Lavarium Amazing lava lamp screensaver 1.4MB 2,507
Screen Ball Balls, black holes, twisters within your desktop 52KB 449
Screen Blocks View flying 3D blocks construct your screen 104KB 296
Screen Eminem All singin’, dancin’ and swearin’ 1.0MB 698
Screen Fractal Saver Watch chaos reign with this fractal screensaver 56KB 680
Screen Icewind Dale Screensaver The official Icewind Dale screensaver 548KB 400
Screen Icon Painter Wobbly mess of icons, enough to freak anyone 16KB 450
Screen Leaking Contents of a leaking water tank is spilling over your screen 28KB 1,119
Screen Nessie Scottish monster lives on 136KB 346
Screen Saver Selection 14 screensavers covering many themes 376KB 523
Screen So Graham Norton Screensaver from the crazy UK talk show 820KB 351
Screen Spider It could possibly fool gullible people 60KB 1,382
Screen Webpage Saver Load some of your favourite web pages into your screensaver 844KB 186

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