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Name Description Size Downloads
Game Theseus 3D creation based around the Greek myth of the Minotaur by Eric Lizotte 14.8MB 803
Game Hexen 2 Demo A dark fantasy First Person Shooter 14.6MB 0
Game Dune Legacy A fan-led project to present a faithful Dune II in a modern view with improved game play. Requires Dune II. Dune Legacy - Screenshot Dune Legacy - Information 5.5MB 74
Game Dune II Demo DOSBox A non-playable demonstration of the game-play containing the full introduction with audio 1.9MB 15
Game KKND Xtreme CD Demo A special KKND Xtreme demo released only on magazine cover discs 52.8MB 517
Game Vortex Addictive, but simple board game 152KB 1,294
Game KKND 2 Series 9 Beta Demo An early Robot demo featuring full-motion video and promo music KKND 2 Series 9 Beta Demo - Information 75.6MB 227
Game Rise of Nations Trial Ancient to Information ages, another great strategy game from Microsoft Rise of Nations Trial - Screenshot 199MB 2,242
Game Pocket Tanks Deluxe Angle and thrust have to be perfect to disable enemy tanks Pocket Tanks Deluxe - Screenshot 3.2MB 17,427
Game Pc-Man Basic, but fast version of the first arcade classic Pac-man 8KB 2,143
Game Bomberman Bomb your way around a maze like the well-known Dynablaster Bomberman - Screenshot 60KB 7,255
Game SimCity 3000 Bring on the new cities with all the details they need SimCity 3000 - Screenshot 171MB 31,832
Game NASCAR Thunder 2003 Demo Challenge the world’s fastest cars in this superb racing demo 84.6MB 1,087
Game KKND 2: Krossfire Survivors Demo Challenging introduction to the game with the blue human team KKND 2: Krossfire Survivors Demo - Information 10.0MB 4,809
Game Age of Mythology: The Titans Demo Clash of the Titans in the latest AoM extension Age of Mythology: The Titans Demo - Screenshot 319MB 10,149
Game Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition Classic PC first-person shoot-em-up, well worth playing over a network Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition - Screenshot Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition - Information 18.5MB 37,373
Game Civilization Classic role-playing simulation game by Sid Meier Civilization - Screenshot 1.7MB 32,344
Game Moorhuhn 2 Click and kill more birds in the country 4.9MB 1,590
Game Moorhuhn Click and shoot the Moorhuhns within a time limit 1.9MB 2,503
Game Age of Kings Ext Demo Continuing from the medieval theme of Age of Kings Age of Kings Ext Demo - Screenshot 37.1MB 5,287
Game Golden Axe Cult warrior platform game introduced by Sega 580KB 4,605
Game Quake 3 Arena Demo Definitive shoot-em-up, download it or die Quake 3 Arena Demo - Screenshot 47.8MB 2,954
Game KKND 2 Kollateral Damage Demo (Build #145) Demo build #145 of the game before it had the name: Krossfire assigned to it, a Survivors mission 31.4MB 7
Game Duke Nukem 2 Duke kicks butt against alien abductors in second platform 1.1MB 4,064
Game Duke Nukem Duke Nukem stops Dr Proton with his army of Techbots 660KB 3,528
Game Street Fighter II Earn respect and fight on the streets of Japan Street Fighter II - Screenshot 3.8MB 5,614
Game Age of Empires: Rise of Rome Expand the Roman Empire in this extension to Age of Empires Age of Empires: Rise of Rome - Screenshot 49.6MB 121,267
Game Age of Empires: Rise of Rome Demo Expand the Roman Empire in this extension to Age of Empires Age of Empires: Rise of Rome Demo - Screenshot 21.2MB 6,946
Game Super Dune II Extend the game play beyond its programming 164KB 6,748
Game Warcraft Fantasy real-time strategy game Warcraft - Screenshot 5.3MB 23,813
Game KKND Survivors Demo (German) Fight against the mutants in this German demo 6.0MB 171
Game Mortal Kombat Fight for immortality on the streets of Japan in this arcade classic Mortal Kombat - Screenshot 3.1MB 6,904
Game Worms First in the line of the Worm simulation games Worms - Screenshot Worms - Information 2.7MB 38,012
Game Quake DOSBox First-person shooter game with single player, cooperative and death match game play modes 23.2MB 4
Game Arrakis 1.13 Following in the steps of Dune II by Stefan Hendricks Arrakis 1.13 - Screenshot Arrakis 1.13 - Information 1.2MB 7,194
Game SolSuite 2003 Free Windows solitaire card games suite 3.8MB 751
Game Monkey Island, The Secret of ScummVM Frustrating classic role playing island adventure Monkey Island, The Secret of - Screenshot 39.5MB 1,796
Game Diablo II Demo Full demo of the very popular 3D action game 135MB 2,599
Game Dune II DOSBox Full original version of the classic strategy game with extras and working sound Dune II - Screenshot Dune II - Information 4.1MB 246,991
Game Age of Empires Full version of the first great strategy game from the classic civilizations Age of Empires - Screenshot Age of Empires - Information 37.9MB 276,504
Game Dune 2000 Full version of the resuscitated Dune series Dune 2000 - Screenshot Dune 2000 - Information 63.2MB 170,366
Game Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings Full version of the second great strategy game with 13 new classic civilizations Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings - Screenshot 225MB 696,604
Game Worms + Further sacrificial worming from a group of underground nutters Worms + - Screenshot Worms + - Information 13.1MB 8,996
Game KKND 2 Evolved Demo (German) German mutant demo including full-motion video and music KKND 2 Evolved Demo (German) - Information 58.0MB 200
Game KKND Evolved Demo (German) German mutant mission demo of the original KKND 5.9MB 121
Game Tetris4000 Good shareware Tetris game with some nice touches Tetris4000 - Screenshot 3.3MB 1,859
Game Myth III Demo Graphic rich strategy demo: Myth III 116MB 1,016
Game Duke Nukem 3D Great level design, attention to detail and interactive first-person shooter for adults 5.2MB 2,199
Game Rise of Nations Ext Demo Historical turn-based strategy mixed with RTS rising to Information Age Rise of Nations Ext Demo - Screenshot 244MB 1,692
Game Prince of Persia DOSBox Inspired by Arabian Nights, escape the dungeon and quickly rescue the Sultan’s daughter Prince of Persia - Screenshot Prince of Persia - Information 339KB 166
Game Police Quest Intriguing command driven police classic 472KB 7,347
Game Dope Wars 2.1 Make lots of money by buying and selling drugs 2.3MB 7,636
Game Raptor: Call Of The Shadows Mercenary fighter pilot game from Apogee Raptor: Call Of The Shadows - Screenshot 1.9MB 9,831
Game Age of Empires Demo Microsoft’s vibrant early civilizations strategy game Age of Empires Demo - Screenshot Age of Empires Demo - Information 24.2MB 12,380
Game Doom 2 Monster slaughter for first-person shoot-em-up 6.8MB 14,824
Game Moorhuhn Winter Edition More birds to kill in the winter shooting season 3.9MB 3,567
Game Descent 2 More Killer robots on the loose in underground mines with real graphics potential Descent 2 - Screenshot 26.4MB 4,802
Game Descent 3 Demo More mad machines but with better graphics and game play Descent 3 Demo - Screenshot 37.2MB 1,229
Game KKND Xtreme More Xtreme violence from the first edition of KKND KKND Xtreme - Screenshot KKND Xtreme - Information 30.1MB 23,506
Game KKND 2: Krossfire Evolved Demo Mutants mayhem lets you get krushin’ in this KKND 2 demo KKND 2: Krossfire Evolved Demo - Information 9.7MB 3,197
Game Worms 2 New approach to curvy Worms for Windows Worms 2 - Screenshot 276MB 59,575
Game Worms 2 Demo New approach to curvy Worms for Windows the demo Worms 2 Demo - Screenshot 50.8MB 3
Game Warcraft II Orcs and Humans head-to-dead in fantasy RTS Warcraft II - Screenshot 17.6MB 23,799
Game Wolfenstein 3D DOSBox Original first person 3D shoot-em-up, going under-cover in WWII German castles 1.1MB 10,874
Game KKND Survivors Demo Original KKND Real-time strategy game battling against the mutants KKND Survivors Demo - Screenshot KKND Survivors Demo - Information 5.5MB 4,203
Game Doom Original monster killing mayhem Doom - Screenshot 5.9MB 19,235
Game Spelunky Original release of the randomly generated platformer, oddly addictive music, pretty hard, yet satisfying. Spelunky - Information 9.5MB 2
Game Lemmings Original simulation game with suicidal rodents Lemmings - Screenshot 388KB 9,359
Game Theme Hospital Play doctors and nurses without harming real people 7.3MB 15,053
Game Tetrinet Play Tetris on the world’s largest Tetris network 512KB 596
Game KKND 2: Krossfire Demo Play the complete demo for KKND 2 Krossfire KKND 2: Krossfire Demo - Screenshot KKND 2: Krossfire Demo - Information 14.4MB 44,328
Game KKND CD Demo Play two missions in this exclusive demo 52.9MB 209
Game Colonize Popular simulation game from the maker of Civilization Colonize - Screenshot 3.5MB 11,065
Game Age of Kings Demo Real-time strategy with great game play and decent graphics Age of Kings Demo - Screenshot 46.8MB 9,569
Game Lion King, The DOSBox Relive Simba's journey, based on the animated film 4.3MB 8
Game Chicken Invaders Save the Earth from an invasion of intergalactic chickens Chicken Invaders - Screenshot 3.2MB 3,715
Game Monkey Island II Sequel to the classic role playing puzzle on an island 6.4MB 10,815
Game Micro Machines 2 Sequel toy racer around table-tops and ponds Micro Machines 2 - Screenshot 5.9MB 3,160
Game Commander Keen Series of classic platform games exploring alien dwellings 148KB 5,027
Game Moorhuhn 3 Shoot and kill a variety of wildlife from a cliff top 3.2MB 1,937
Game Original Tetris Simple Windows Tetris game with two player capabilities 44KB 3,450
Game Red Baron Small First World War dogfight simulator 0.9MB 4,859
Game Simpsons, The Smithers kidnaps Maggie so the Simpsons set off across Springfield to rescue her 1.0MB 6,762
Game Populous DOSBox Strategy game playing god on hundreds of little people in your world Populous - Screenshot 261KB 4,813
Game Heretic Supernatural blast-fest from an improved Doom game engine Heretic - Screenshot 9.9MB 4,517
Game Lemmings 3D Surround yourself in the world of the pink suicide machines Lemmings 3D - Screenshot 2.8MB 18,248
Game Spiderman 2 Demo Swing around Manhattan in the latest movie game release 169MB 2,354
Game Micro Machines V3 Table-top racing game is now in 3D 66.6MB 7,171
Game Lemmings Holiday Edition The 1994 Christmas edition of the popular classic simulation game 176KB 6,185
Game Bust-A-Move 2 The arcade edition of the highly addictive Puzzle Bubble - it is brilliant Bust-A-Move 2 - Screenshot 11.0MB 3,281
Game Halo: Combat Evolved Demo The evil Covenant is wiping out the Earth’s new interstellar empire Halo: Combat Evolved Demo - Screenshot 134MB 7,083
Game KKND Evolved Demo The Evolved fight against the Survivors in this first game KKND Evolved Demo - Screenshot KKND Evolved Demo - Information 5.6MB 3,607
Game KKND Early Evolved CD Demo The extremely rare CD-ROM version of the early demo, featuring FMV, music and sounds. 29.7MB 6
Game KKND Early Evolved Demo The first Evolved demo of KKnD, more than 4 months before the game was released KKND Early Evolved Demo - Information 5.8MB 3
Game Dune DOSBox The first simulation game prior to real-time strategy games Dune - Screenshot 1.7MB 21,820
Game Return of the King Demo The Lord of the Rings: Immersive action and adventure through Middle-earth 85.8MB 1,398
Game Descent The “Company” sets you to destroy all nasty mining robots Descent - Screenshot Descent - Information 6.6MB 3,510
Game KKND 2 Krossfire Beta Demo Three missions in an early stage of KKND 2: Krossfire’s development KKND 2 Krossfire Beta Demo - Information 91.0MB 483
Game Paper Boy Throw papers from your bike without colliding with numerous obstructions 48KB 3,127
Game Micro Machines Toy car, boat and buggy racing 356KB 7,253
Game Lemmings 2 Tribes of Lemmings take over for as long as they can survive 492KB 9,089
Game Ultra Dune II Unfinished project by Stefan Hendricks, with open source code Ultra Dune II - Information 596KB 3,871
Game SimCity Classic DOSBox Urban origins of the simulation game of sim people 697KB 13,656
Game KKND 2: Krossfire Series 9 Demo Urban unrest will caused by these angry robots from the countryside KKND 2: Krossfire Series 9 Demo - Information 9.9MB 3,362
Game Tetris Various Tetris games for Windows Tetris - Screenshot 209KB 5
Game Unreal Tournament 2003 Demo Very violent FPS where you can kill your friends - excellent 100MB 2,248
Game SimCity 2000 Well-known city simulation keeping you occupied for hours SimCity 2000 - Screenshot SimCity 2000 - Information 10.5MB 52,982
Game Age of Mythology Demo Wield Zeus’s famous lightning bolt in one of the nine civilizations Age of Mythology Demo - Screenshot 345MB 7,992

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Game missions and patches

Name Description Size Downloads
Sweep Dune II Patch Awesome hack that removes copy protect 20KB 11,954
Sweep KKND 1.2 Patch Bugs in early versions of the game fixed to give a smoother ride 80KB 1,154
Sweep KKND 2: Krossfire Mission Editor Bundled mission editor accompanying the game, loads in Windows 98, ME 1.5MB 5,585
Sweep Dune 2000 Map Tileset Complete tile set for use with Dune 2000 map editors 2.8MB 6,656
Sweep Shai-Hulud 2000 Dune 2000 map editor of choice 3.1MB 4,455
Sweep Dune II Unit Editor Excellent unit and building editor 48KB 10,887
Sweep Icewind Dale UK Patch Fix some of the bugs in the original version 6.0MB 244
Sweep Age of Empires Patch 1.0c Fixes minor villager issues and includes previous patches 1.0MB 7,178
Sweep KKND 2: Krossfire US English Patch Fixes some issues with the multiplayer games in the US English version of the game, not to be used with the UK version. 404KB 10,154
Sweep KKND Trainer Give yourself a little help through the missions with unlimited resources, invulnerability and level skip 19KB 1,350
Sweep Dune II Mouse Helper Improve the mouse control in Dune II when loaded before DOSBox in Windows Dune II Mouse Helper - Information 608KB 15
Sweep Dune 2000 Patch 1.06 Latest fixes and enhancements for Dune 2000 4.7MB 22,971
Sweep Icewind Dale Patch 1.06 Latest patch for Icewind Dale 3.3MB 682
Sweep Dune II Editor Mission editor and constructor for all armies by Stefan Hendricks 76KB 10,086
Sweep Dune II Atreides New campaign for the Atreides in a multi-army Dune II 56KB 10,716
Sweep Dune II Mission Patch Patch for Fremen, Mercenary and Sardaukar missions 4KB 8,424
Sweep KKND All Missions Saved Game Play any mission from KKND by copying this saved game 39KB 2,069
Sweep KKND 2 English Patch Sort out some problems with multiplayer gaming, back-up key files first 416KB 2,565
Sweep Dune II Sound Sort out your sound card problems with this sound patch 48KB 11,700
Sweep KKND 2: Krossfire German Patch Sorts out some problems with multiplayer gaming in the German version only, back-up key files first. 868KB 6,599
Sweep Dune II Languages Support for French and German game play 548KB 5,335
Sweep Age of Mythology: The Titans Patch The complete patch for the Age Of Mythology extension 7.8MB 1,346
Sweep Rise of Rome 1.0a The only patch you’ll need for Rise of Rome 1.0MB 4,275
Sweep Dune II Depaker Unpacks the PAK files to edit scenarios individually 4KB 7,908
Sweep KKND 2: Krossfire Mini Map Explorer View and export the mini-map from most missions in KKND 2 200KB 1,072

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