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Spice up your programs or Windows using some of these great utilities

Name Description Size Downloads
Utility MailMask Hides your email address from SPAM spiders by converting email text to images 198KB 0
Utility Office 2010 Toolkit A very handy toolkit to remove validation nags in Office 2010 35.6MB 7
Utility MSN 7 Universal Patcher ++ Quickly removes all banners and other pointless bits on MSN 7 121KB 54
Utility ICQ Plus 2.05 Actually make ICQ look cool with this skin machine 1.2MB 114
Utility TextHelp Efficiently reads the words on your screen 8.5MB 196
Utility Windows ME Boot Official Windows ME boot disk with the latest copy utilities 820KB 251
Utility Create Noid Create your own complete Internet setup files 1.3MB 328
Utility Internet Explorer 5 Skin Introduce skins into Internet Explorer 5 588KB 369
Utility Windows 98 SE Boot Official Windows 98 second edition boot disk 844KB 419
Utility Internet Explorer 5 Tweak Add some special features to Internet Explorer 5 104KB 431
Utility Windows XP Boot Official Windows XP boot disk with all you need to start XP 252KB 1,136
Utility Partition Magic 6 Great hard drive partition utility that supports Windows 2000 and Windows XP 42.7MB 1,143
Utility Partition Magic 4 Quickly fix up partitions on your hard drive without the need to reformat 1.4MB 2,200

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