Age of Empires Cheats

Cheat codes are not always typed in capitals, but this makes it easier to read and follow. If you are new to Age of Empires, please try to avoid reading below as cheats can quickly make any game dull to play.

Cheat code Effect
COINAGE 1000 gold
QUARRY 1000 stone
WOODSTOCK 1000 wood
REVEAL MAP Shows the full map
NO FOG Removes the fog of war
DIEDIEDIE All players die
diediedie All other players die and you win
RESIGN You resign
PHOTON MAN You get a Nuke Trooper – a guy with a laser gun
MEDUSA Villagers turn into Medusa, when they die into Black Rider, then heavy catapult
GAIA You get to control the animals and loose control of the humans
STEROIDS Instant build
HOME RUN Win the scenario
KILL# Kills a player, where # is enter the player position of the player you wish to kill
BIGDADDY You get a car with a rocket launcher
HOYOHOYO Priest has speed of 6 and hit points of 600
ICBM Ballista has range of 100
E=MC2 TROOPER Nuke trooper with a missle, not laser
FLYING DUTCHMAN Jauggernaught can go on land
DARK RAIN Archers disguise as trees when they are still
BIG BERTHA Catapult has range of 16 and diameter of 10
JACK BE NIMBLE Catapults fire cows and villagers
ZEUS Brings you to Post-Iron Age in one second
F6 Full map toggle
F7 Fog of war toggle
CTRL Q Speeds up building
CTRL G 1000 gold
CTRL W 1000 wood
CTRL S 1000 stone
CTRL F 1000 food
CTRL P Left click to place more rock
CTRL T New menu under wood, food, gold and stone

Please suggest your own cheats to Nahoo. Remember to clarify the cheat codes and cheat effects carefully.