Age of Empires Taunts

Here are some taunts which can be used before and during a multiplayer game, just type the corresponding number into the chat window. You can copy them and print them out to refer to in the game.

These are the first 100 taunts and their sound effects.

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. I need food
  4. Somebody pass the wood
  5. Gold please
  6. Give me some stone
  7. Eahhhhhhhh…
  8. Your attempts are futile
  9. Yeehawww yipp wee hoo
  10. Hey I’m in your town
  11. Oooooohhhh…
  12. Join me
  13. I don’t think so
  14. Start the game already
  15. Who’s the man?
  16. Attack them now!
  17. Ha ha ha haaaa…
  18. I am weak please don’t kill me
  19. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
  20. I just got some satisfaction
  21. Hey nice town
  22. We will not tolerate this behavior
  23. Get out!
  24. Bad Gum
  25. Ooh yeah…
  26. It’s coming right for us! <explosion>
  27. Asian culture has plagued our fragile earth for many years. We must end it. Excellent A-
  28. My uncle says that smoking crack is pretty cooool
  29. Well Stan you wanna know what I think? What? <fart>
  30. Well I’m sorry children but taking elephant DNA just ain’t right. Why haven’t you heard that song by lover boy? Which song is that? <song>
  31. Ohh, well there ain’t nothing worse than getting drunk and waking up next to a pig. Or a fat elephant.
  32. Go. I say go away boy your bothering me.
  33. WWOWWW! I feel good.
  34. Help me Wilbur
  35. I’ll get you my pretty and your little dog too. Ha ha ha
  36. Ohhweeohh ohhhoooo
  37. And now ladies and gentlemen LETS GET READY TO RUMBBBBLLLLLEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!
  38. Your despicable
  39. Butmunch
  41. I’ll be back
  42. The following program is intended for mature audiences
  43. Help! Help! Somebody save me HEELLLLPPPPP!
  44. Running away won’t save ya
  45. Red Alert! Battle Stations.
  46. Great horny toads!
  47. Don’t worry I’m not gonna hurt you <slap!> AHHHH
  49. I do not think you realize the gravity of your situation.
  50. Dananana… Dannnananana <song>
  51. Any more impudence and it will be your head on the block.
  52. You are an idiot ah ah ah ah ahhhhahhahh
  53. Hey bud what’s your problem
  54. Hey this is great man
  55. Anybody out there?
  56. This sucks
  57. Dandandndnnnaaaaaaa
  58. There’s something screwy around here.
  59. <DONG> You rang?
  60. We must plan for tomorrow night. Why what are we gonna do tomorrow night.
  61. When 900 years old you reach look as good you will not hmmm?
  62. Game over man
  63. Follow me.
  64. Help you I can yes hmmmm
  65. Houston we have a problem
  66. Now the real game begins
  67. This will eat you all with nasty big pointy teeth
  68. Fascinating, but quite impossible
  69. I knew I shoulda taken that left turn at Albuquerque
  70. Now we se the violence inherited in the system
  71. People of Earth your attention please…
  72. Thank you Mr. Know-it-all
  73. I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick butt, and I’m all outa bubble gum
  74. <Tarzan yell>
  75. Budgets? We don’t got no budgets. We don’t have to show you no stinking budgets!
  76. You see, we’re on a mission from God.
  77. I’ve fallen and I can’t get up
  78. I’ll bite your legs off!
  79. Your mother was a hamster and your father smells of berries.
  80. Arrrrr! Fart in you general direction.
  81. You tiny brave watchers of other people’s weapons.
  82. Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time!
  83. GO AWAY!!
  84. You’re a loony.
  85. Loser
  86. You stupid bastard!
  87. Weirdo
  88. Consultable armaments
  89. Oh right oh right we’ll ill him first and then actually admit it
  90. What are you gonna do bleed on me?
  91. Oh lord, bless this hand grenade that with it thy may blow thine enemies to tiny bits. In thy mercy.
  92. I’m invincible!
  93. You haven’t given us time to hide.
  94. None shall pass
  95. <Mumbo jumbo and stuff that I can’t understand>
  96. Anybody else feel like a little….. Giggle?
  97. Wait to bigus digus hears of this.
  98. Runaway!! <people yelling>
  99. Let’s not bicker and argue about who killed who.
  100. I’ve got a peculiar feeling that putty cat is up to something.


Taunts after number 26 are not included in the original installation of Age of Empires.