Age of Empires Scenarios

Available to download are single and multiplayer scenarios. “Evil Eye” involves building a city, neutralising the clan of The Evil Eye, calming industrial dispute between other tribes working under you by returning the stolen treasure to the Gold Miners. This has to be done with minimal intervention with workers; otherwise they will strike against you. Watch out, otherwise the Evil Eye will take-over completely!

I have made a selection of multiplayer scenarios for Age of Empires. Screenshots of the four multiplayer maps can be found below. If you wish to play against or with me at the zone using these scenarios, I would be happy to meet you there. These scenarios are designed to be played with other players over a local network or at the zone.

All scenarios must be extracted to the following destination on your computer: <game_dir>\levels\scenarios, for example: C:\Games\Age of Empires\levels\scenarios. Please contact Nahoo with your comments on all campaigns and scenarios posted here.