Age of Empires Quiz

Test your ultimate knowledge of Age of Empires with this quiz. There is a maximum of 10 points to be achieved and answers are shown below on completion.

  1. In which country were the Yamato civilisation based?

  2. How many houses are needed to support the standard maximum population limit?

  3. What terrain allows all civilisation units to pass?

  4. What is a Big Bertha?

  5. Which unit exists in Age of Empires?

  6. What is the normal amount of fish that a fishing boat can contain?

  7. Which of the following buildings is not available in the Tool Age?

  8. How much stone is needed to build a Wonder?

  9. What effect does JACK BE NIMBLE have on catapults?

  10. Which enemy building or unit can a priest convert?

Result: –/10

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