KKND 2: Krossfire Missions

I have made a several custom missions using the highly buggy KME provided with the game. Treble Trouble has all three armies battling away for supremacy. You have a few Survivor units, from which you must set up a base and then destroy all traces of the Evolved and Series 9. With the Series 9, you lead a Camp Inspection through enemy territories. I’ve added a more recent mission with Series 9 called: Water World. Finally, the Evolved mission: Oil Hunt takes you directly through enemy territory in order to setup a base due south. The first two missions have been remade due to invincible enemy units!

Treble Trouble

Trash the Evolved and Series 9 camps and destroy their armies. Their armies are strong, but nothing can stop you now!

KKND 2 Custom Mission: Treble Trouble

  • Loadsa fighting, with severe enemy forces to reckon with!
  • Realistic Scenery, containing stagnant pools and old ruins
  • Tried and tested to keep you busy throughout the mission
  • Evolved (orange) and Series 9 (turquoise) as your enemies
  • Tactical points and cliffs, strike your enemy’s power supplies
  • Enough room to build a massive base

Camp Inspection

Attempts, the enemies, have been made to weaken and wipe clean a small, but strong Series 9 camp. Punish their insolence destroying their camps.

KKND 2 Custom Mission: Treble Trouble

  • Opponents include two Survivor and one Evolved army.
  • Secondary AI base to help you krush the enemy
  • Strategic points throughout map. Areas where both you and the enemy are vulnerable.
  • Alternative attack options and enemy aerial offensive
  • Oil points to fight over and burn
  • Continual pressure from enemy camps throughout the game

Water World

Move your forces across a hostile area to recover oil and resources behind enemy lines or face a watery grave.

KKND 2 Custom Mission: Water World

  • Islands covered in Survivors and Evolved units and AA towers
  • Early scurmishes and later, major air and water based offensives
  • Limited resources and space so careful planning essential
  • Disused base to repair and expand upon behind enemy territory
  • Larger building zone to build up a reasonable offensive attack
  • Skill required throughout to avoid being overwhelmed by a ruthless enemy.

Oil Hunt

Guide your precious Mobile Derrick through enemy territory and deploy on a large oil reserve in an abandoned base.

KKND 2 Custom Mission: Oil Hunt

  • Survivor flesh to disassemble throughout your journey
  • Enemy units will chase you along your trail if you are not Meticulous.
  • Skill needed to plot a safe (or less dangerous) route, through ground and air fire.
  • Areas where certain units can and others cannot, with full usage of infantry and machines.
  • Reinforcements to keep you going through the initially demanding phase of the mission
  • Adequate supply of oil to grow an army nearly large enough to match the Survivors.
Name Description Size Downloads
Mission Aztec Fire An Aztec themed mission from BennyBarrageCraft Aztec Fire - Information 746KB 1,559
Mission Base Mesa Mission from KKNDMaster - guide a fellow commander to a landing pad. Base Mesa - Screenshot Base Mesa - Information 551KB 2,967
Mission Camp Inspection KKND 2 mission with more than meets the eye Camp Inspection - Screenshot Camp Inspection - Information 720KB 4,609
Mission Custom Missions Pack I The start of the custom missions with contributions from the studio, Alorka, Kragi Mizu, Nahoo among others Custom Missions Pack I - Screenshot Custom Missions Pack I - Information 72.4MB 312
Mission Grassland, The KKNDMaster presents the grass based custom mission Grassland, The - Screenshot Grassland, The - Information 97KB 1,422
Mission Kill All Mutants These guys don’t like mutants (Evolved) at all Kill All Mutants - Information 84KB 1,177
Mission KKND 2 Airborne Robotic Assault Squad Map 12: The Series 9 have done some long distance forecasting and found that the mutants in this island chain will become very troublesome in the near future KKND 2 Airborne Robotic Assault Squad - Screenshot KKND 2 Airborne Robotic Assault Squad - Information 783KB 1,687
Mission KKND 2 Army Group South Map 03: Control a huge Evolved army from the start. All you have to do is destroy the robots armoury. Very fast and lots of explosions. KKND 2 Army Group South - Screenshot KKND 2 Army Group South - Information 596KB 1,429
Mission KKND 2 Flaming Rings! Map 51: This is the hard and nasty version of ring of fire. Precision and an active save game are likely to be needed. KKND 2 Flaming Rings! - Screenshot KKND 2 Flaming Rings! - Information 720KB 1,353
Mission KKND 2 Getting Back and Getting Even Map 06: The Survivors base in this area has been overrun and captured by the Evolved. KKND 2 Getting Back and Getting Even - Screenshot KKND 2 Getting Back and Getting Even - Information 0.9MB 1,614
Mission KKND 2 Kill ‘em Good A fresh new custom mission from BennyBarrageCraft KKND 2 Kill ‘em Good - Screenshot KKND 2 Kill ‘em Good - Information 527KB 1,646
Mission KKND 2 Mountain Assault Scramble the mountain passes in KKNDMaster’s custom mission for KKND 2: Krossfire KKND 2 Mountain Assault - Information 165KB 1,666
Mission KKND 2 Official Multiplayer Map 01 A very large and empty desert level, very loosely based on Multi-2. Sometimes all you want is the final Frontier. KKND 2 Official Multiplayer Map 01 - Information 332KB 2,704
Mission KKND 2 Official Multiplayer Map 02 A very large and open green level. Based on the most defensive level in the game (Multi-7), but without the defences. KKND 2 Official Multiplayer Map 02 - Information 463KB 2,434
Mission KKND 2 Official Multiplayer Map 03 Based on Glenn’s favourite team level (Multi-6), try playing 4 a side KKND 2 Official Multiplayer Map 03 - Information 517KB 2,447
Mission KKND 2 Official Multiplayer Map 04 Based on a closed and cluttered city map (multi-10), this is a much more open level. All starting positions have more oil and accessibility. KKND 2 Official Multiplayer Map 04 - Information 830KB 2,580
Mission KKND 2 Over The River Map 02: It is a fairly simple mission: save base, rebuild and smite the bad guys. KKND 2 Over The River - Screenshot KKND 2 Over The River - Information 469KB 1,793
Mission KKND 2 Pacman Map 08: It is not perfect, but it is fun for about ten minutes though. Nail the guy on the extreme left last. KKND 2 Pacman - Screenshot KKND 2 Pacman - Information 94KB 1,279
Mission KKND 2 Perfect General Map 13: This level is designed to be too hard KKND 2 Perfect General - Screenshot KKND 2 Perfect General - Information 456KB 1,922
Mission KKND 2 Renegade Robots Map 04: Some high tech robots have got scrambled and gone rogue. KKND 2 Renegade Robots - Screenshot KKND 2 Renegade Robots - Information 523KB 1,759
Mission KKND 2 Ring of Fire Map 05: This is an assault on a heavily fortified robotic research facility. KKND 2 Ring of Fire - Screenshot KKND 2 Ring of Fire - Information 727KB 1,357
Mission KKND 2 The Gemini XII Map 01: While making the original 51 missions the UFO just didn’t fit in, it was way too powerful. KKND 2 The Gemini XII - Screenshot KKND 2 The Gemini XII - Information 236KB 2,003
Mission KKND 2 The Nest Map 10: The Series 9 has found a wild queen scorpion and intend to kill her. The evolved have raced a brood of scorpions to the area. KKND 2 The Nest - Screenshot KKND 2 The Nest - Information 563KB 1,493
Mission KKND 2: Krossfire Additional Missions All 11 single player missions from Melbourne House KKND 2: Krossfire Additional Missions - Information 6.1MB 8,317
Mission KKND 2: Krossfire Multiplayer Maps The 4 official multiplayer maps release by Melbourne House KKND 2: Krossfire Multiplayer Maps - Information 2.1MB 6,397
Mission Night of the Mutants, The Evolved are out when it’s dark. Come and get them! Night of the Mutants, The - Information 89KB 1,213
Mission Oil Hunt Search for oil through enemy lines in this KKND2 mission Oil Hunt - Screenshot Oil Hunt - Information 700KB 3,809
Mission Oil Race BennyBarrageCraft offers his take on the oil race in this custom KKND 2 mission Oil Race - Information 273KB 1,276
Mission Promised Land, The KKNDMaster presents another custom mission with a UFO Promised Land, The - Screenshot Promised Land, The - Information 412KB 1,883
Mission Resource Error Battle against the elements in another custom mission offering from KKNDMaster Resource Error - Information 283KB 1,340
Mission Treble Trouble Three KKND 2 armies meet with disastrous consequences Treble Trouble - Screenshot Treble Trouble - Information 688KB 5,251
Mission War DragoNuno philosophical take on war with KKND 2 War - Information 83KB 1,305
Mission Water World Command KKND 2 forces to recover your base or face a watery grave Water World - Screenshot Water World - Information 764KB 5,289

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