KKND 2: Krossfire Quiz (Easier)

Test your average knowledge of KKND 2: Krossfire with this slightly easier quiz. There is a maximum of 10 points to be achieved and answers are shown on completion.

  1. What team was not in the original KKND?

  2. How much is the most expensive fighter tank?

  3. Name the most expensive Series 9 unit here.

    1. Sterilizer
    2. Laser Trooper
    3. Rocketeer
  4. What tank is equivalent to the Survivors’ Juggernaught?

  5. How many people are there that talk to you in the briefings?

    1. people
  6. Which team can be found on the first CD?

  7. Which army does not recharge their veteran infantrys’ health?

  8. Which team has a constructible called the LPA?

  9. Which Series 9 Aircraft can airlift men around?

  10. When editing, what is the maximum health you can give a unit?

Result: –/10

KKND 2: Missle Crab

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