KKND 2: Krossfire Tips

Check out some of these great tips to improve your KKND 2 gaming skills.


Plan your base before starting to build; Machine Shop should have enough space around it to allow all units to vehicles to exit quickly. If there is an oil puddle nearby, build the building in its general direction, so when the Power Station is built, it will be close to the oil.



Try to upgrade the Research Lab first as this will greatly reduce cost and time with all the remaining upgrading.



Keep a watch around you base on cliff tops, or regular scout parties as the crafty enemy may try to build towers which will greatly hinder future attacks. Like a lawn, regularly mowing keeps weeds out. Watch out for Oil Rigs nicking your oil. Sometimes the enemy puts a oil derrick away from any defence. If they do this, I have found that you can place one of your own oil tankers in front of the derrick so that their tankers can’t get to it. This rocks!!

Shadow King


Survey the enemy’s base using aircraft, if you see no anti-aircraft towers, you’re laughing. For bombing: rest the bombers close to the base, saving loads of time. They won’t know what’s hit them!



Load an airplane up with Kamikazee units and try to land in the middle of the enemy’s camp and unload the Kamikazees – Kaboom! Attack a defence tower with lots of cheap units and then send in the Kamikazees after them from a different angle. While the defence is attacking those who first got within its range, the Kamikazees can sneak in and destroy the tower.



All units are much more efficient when they are Veteran status (red border on health), units will be able to take far more damage and men will heal up quickly (taking steroids or regular exercise?). Get them to shoot up small enemy groups from a cliff and then they will be ready for anything.

I like to send a mobile repair unit into battle with my large units. Once a skirmish is over, the repair unit can fix them all and soon you have a fleet of large veteran units.



This is actually a trick that can be used with any race. Using this start I have wiped out whole bases, or damaged them enough so ground attack will kill them off. Hope you like it; it is quite hard to save your air carrier though.

  1. Build a troop carrier
  2. Build a large constructible S.APC with the explosive upgrade and radar jam and armour.
  3. Make a five Kamikazees or equivalent and put them in your constructible unit.
  4. Put your constructible unit in the air carrier.
  5. Send your air unit into a unit air free bit of the enemy base, unload your plane, then your constructible unit, get the plane away, and let the Kamikazees do their stuff and move your bomb vehicle next the a few buildings and let it be blown away


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